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The Spanish Colonization The beginning of Philippine history was recorded by the Europeans at 1521 when Magellan arrived in the country. And, with the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565, the Spaniards permanently resided in the Philippines for more than three centuries or three-hundred (300) years. That is when the so-called Spanish Colonization…

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Theories and Facts: 1. Biblical Fact Theologians during the Spanish era put forth the fact that the Philippines is a part of a Creator’s design. 2. Scientific Theories Aside the fact that the Philippines is a part of God’s creation, there are some scientific theories of how the Philippines came about: Land-Bridge Theory Volcanic Origin…

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Geographical Facts

The Philippines is indeed full of awe and wonders. Here are some of the most basic geographical facts of our country: An Archipelago The Philippines is an archipelago. It is a group of islands “isla” surrounded by water. There are approximately 7,100 islands. That is why the Philippines is also called as the “Philippine Islands”. Total Land Area The…

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