Welcome, Kabayan! Ang website na ito ay para sa inyo, mga dakilang OFW, mga makabagong hero ng Pilipinas, mahal namin kayo!
About Us

What is Pinas.com?

Pinas.com (“Pinas”) is a website lovingly created for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

We have a heart for our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), ang mga makabagong bayani ng Pilipinas, who chose to work abroad for the better welfare of their families, and moreover, for the global Filipinos around the world.


The mission of Pinas is to provide our OFWs with useful information, services and products, that will help bridge the gap and distance between our OFWs and their loved ones, thereby improving and promoting closer family ties between the Filipino families.


Pinas is envisioned to be one of the most recognized websites, not only by OFWs but also by all Filipinos. We are dreaming of becoming the “go to” online site when anyone wants to know anything and everything about the Philippines and the Filipinos. In other words, the Google og the Philippines!

With these in mind, Pinas humbly presents the following services for the benefit of our beloved OFWs, global Pinoys, and all Filipinos alike:



  • OFW Resources
  • Itanong Mo Kay Attorney
  • OFW News and Events


  • OFW Scholarship Fund
  • Service ni Juan
  • VIP Hatid-Sundo
  • OFW Jobs
  • Balik-Pinas Tayo!
  • Negosyong Pangkabuhayan


  • Kabayan Box
  • Regalo Padala
  • Regalo Pa-abroad
  • Coupons, atbp.
  • Segunda Mano
  • Health & Beauty
  • Erik Santos, atbp.


  • All About the Philippines
  • Pinas News
  • Napakasakit, Kuya Rudy
  • Kwentong Pinoy OFW
  • Love, Share, Pray
  • Balitang Artista
  • PinasTube
  • Komiks & Hanep Words

Pinas has four (4) major sections: OFW Legal Resources, Serbisyong Kabayan, Shop Na!, and Pinas Magazine. We will tackle each one below:


Especially for our beloved OFWs, we have the following services and information: OFW Resources, Itanong Mo Kay Attorney, and OFW News and Events.

a. OFW Resources

OFW Resources, as its name suggests, is especially catered for OFWs. It is aimed to provide useful and indispensable legal resources including:

  • OFW Sites – Information about the different OFW sites around the world.
  • Legal Documents – Documents needed to be legally employed abroad, documents for staying abroad and going back to the Philippines, and any other legal papers that may be needed.
  • Other helpful articles on different issues which OFWs typically face while abroad.

b. Itanong Mo Kay Attorney

Itanong Mo Kay Attorney contains useful legal advice for those seeking counsel. It is a question-and-answer service for OFWs where our Attorney will be answering questions sent to him thru the website’s interactive form. After submitting the form, the message will be received at the Attorney’s email address and will be answered within 2 days to 1 week and will be sent directly to the Member’s email. With the Member’s consent, his/her question and the corresponding answer may be posted in the “Itanong Mo Kay Attorney” archive of questions and answers.

c. OFW News and Events

This section features current news and events both local and abroad, which may directly or indirectly, affect our OFWs.
The main countries of concern are the following: (Other countries will follow soon).

  • Middle East
  • Amerika
  • Singapore
  • Hongkong


Made for all Filipinos in mind, the following services are definitely for every Juan:

  • OFW Scholarship Fund (Join and win your child’s next tuition fee)
  • Service ni Juan (Very affordable payments service)
  • VIP Hatid-Sundo (Sundo or Fetch your loved ones)
  • OFW Jobs (Classified job ads, both domestic and international)
  • Balik Pinas Tayo (Affordable travel and getaway deals)
  • Negosyong Pangkabuhayan (Business investments for our OFW entrepreneurs)

a. OFW Scholarship Fund

Pinas cares for your child’s education: win your child’s next tuition fee by registering at Pinas.com and participating in site activities and contests!

b. Service ni Juan

Offers payment services, for a very cheap price, for:

  • School Bills / Tuitions Fees
  • Utility Bills (Landline Bills, House Rent, Kuryente Bills, Internet Bills, Cable Bills …and more!)

c. VIP Hatid-Sundo

VIP Hatid-Sundo provides a safe, secure and affordable car-service rental service for our Balikbayans, whether to send them (the OFWs), or their family members, to the airport (“hatid”), or to fetch them from the airport (“sundo”) and send them to their homes.

d. OFW Jobs

OFW Jobs include both domestic and international job postings. Inside the OFW Job will be showcased the ff. category icons (flags):

  • Philippines
  • Middle East
  • The seven (7) continents: Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, Antarctica.

e. Balik-Pinas Tayo!

Balik Pinas Tayo! is a showcase of exclusive and affordable domestic and international travel and getaway promo deals from different Philippine travel agency or hotels and accommodations partners.

f. Negosyong Pangkabuhayan

Negosyong Pangkabuhayan features various Sustainable Livelihood Programs and small business opportunities including Food Cart franchise (e.g., siomai stand, etc.), Tindahan ni Juan, Agri-business farm packages, and more, which the OFW or a loved one can invest to.


The Pinas online shops, for OFWs and all Filipinos at the Philippines or abroad!

a. Kabayan Box

A Pinoy shopsite exclusively created for OFWs where they can choose or select pre-made boxed packages, which basically is like the loved “Balikbayan Box”.

The packages are categorized according to the need of the OFW at different times, such as Birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions and other events.

b. Regalo Padala

As distinguished from the Kabayan Box, Regalo Padala is a shopsite showcasing smaller packages instead of boxes, suitable as gifts.

c. Regalo Pa-abroad

This shop gives us the freedom to send packages and gifts to our loved ones abroad. Yes, from the Philippines to abroad!

d. Coupons, atbp.

Let your loved ones in the Philippines enjoy a cashless shopping, without them using a credit card! Here, Filipinos abroad and in the Philippines may avail of coupons or vouchers that can be used on our partner establishments. Moreover, this is transferrable to any of your families and friends as a gift.

e. Segunda Mano

Done of enjoying and ready to sell a pre-loved item? In Segunda Mano, you can post your secondhand items, all for free, so that thousands of people can see them.

f. Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty features special products and services from beatuty and welness partners.

g. Erik Santos, atbp.

A fan shop site which exhibits merchandise from Erik Santos and other celebrity artists.


Pinas magazine contains different reads and entertainment for all.

a. All About the Philippines

Want to know mre about the Philippines? Check this page out!

b. Pinas News

Be updated wth the current news and events in the Philippines with Pinas News. Here, we bring to you the headlines all in one place!

c. Kwentong Pinoy OFW

Contains real-life stories of OFWs’ struggles, joy, or simply the unforgettable. Here, the OFW may share their own story by sending us an email thru the website’s form. Send us your story now and be featured to inspire more people!

d. Napakasakit, Kuya Rudy

Contains stories of love and heartbreak. It also features love advice section wherein you can send us your love problems and have them answered. Your questions and answers may be published, but don’t worry, we protect your privacy!

e. Love, Share, Pray

Contains inspirational and motivational articles and contents which touches on the spiritual side of people, applicable to any on all walks of life. This is mainly written by a CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship) Pastor.

f. Balitang Artista

Contains current news about Philippine showbiz.

g. PinasTube

The Pinas version of YouTube. Contains videos about different topics:

  • Pinas.com Updates & Announcements
  • Celebrity Videos
  • OFW Videos
  • Kamag-Anak / Kaibigan Videos
  • Infomercials
  • … and more!

h. Komiks & Hanep Words

The FUN page at Pinas! Our Pinas Komiks presents a “funny but true” komiks-strip about the everyday life of the OFW.

Hanep Words is a search word puzzle game wherein you will need to find the words listed. The game is changed every time the browser is refreshed. This section may also feature other kinds of puzzle such as crossword, etc.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Pinas.com, the Home of Filipinos on the internet!


If you have any question, please check our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Or if you have any feedback, comment, or suggestion, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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